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Use this simple mosquito trap/catcher to control mosquitoes without pesticides or insecticides.
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simple mopsquito trap.

Made up of just a bottle or round-topped container, and a household funnel!
Very easy to make. Requires no supervision, no chemicals, and very little maintenance.

How it works: Mosquitos like to lay their eggs on still water. What you are doing is encouraging them to do so on your trap. Allow the eggs to mature into larvae. The larvae will make their way down the funnel. When they reach the bottom they will rise up around the sides of the funnel, and not be able to find their way back to the surface. Both the larvae (wriggler) and its next stage, the pupae (tumbler), needs air to breathe, if it can't get back to the surface to breathe it will drown!

how the trap controls mosquitos

Location: Mosquitos prefer to breed in quiet, moist, dark places. So place your homemade mosquito control in a dark shaded corner of your yard where it won't get disturbed. Mozzies like black, so if you can wrap it in black plastic it will be more atractive. Make sure the household pets can't drink from it, or knock it over. Top it up regularly. If the water level falls below the top of the bottle it will allow air in and the pupae will not drown

Important - Make sure the the lip of the bottle and funnel, form a tight fit. It may even be necessary to put a weight on the funnel to keep the seal tight. If you decide to empty your mosquito trap, don't just throw its contents on the ground. Mosquitos can breed in any damp conditions, so make sure all the larvae are dead. This method of trapping mosquitos is useless unless you also remove other mosquito breeding sites ie other places where water collects and mosquitos can breed.

Timeframe - This mosquito trap won't stop the mozzies biting you straight away. If you have a few of these about, and maintain them, it should dramatically reduce the breeding population. It will take a couple of weeks before you see a difference. The time between laying eggs and the adult mosquito can be as little as a week, depending on the conditions.

Equipment: You can buy a set of funnels from your hardware or homemakers store. A dark colour is best (not the yellow we've used in our picture). Don't use one that has previously been used for petrol or mower fuel. Hunt around for a jar, bottle or container with a uniform round opening at the top. ideally the funnel will sit most of the way into the jar and the base of the funnel will be near the bottom of the container (as illustrated).

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