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Implement all these mosquito control tips to drastically reduce biting mozzies in your backyard
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There are 4 ways to eliminate mosquitos from your life

* Cover your yard and surrounding area in pesticides
* Remove the breeding sites
* Cover yourself in pesticides or repellant
* Stop mozzies breeding altogether

We are going to skip the first one because we are opposed to the use of dangerous chemicals, the second one is covered in this article. You can stop them breeding altogether by removing the male mosquito - you'll need our Bugeater to do that!

If they can't breed, the biting mosquito will disappear. Mosquitoes don't live very long so you will see a difference in 2-3 weeks if you hunt down and remove all the breeding areas

Remove Leaf Litter: Mosquitoes will breed anywhere that there is moisture, its not just bush, creeks, drains, and dams
The most likely place they are breeding is in the leaf litter under your trees or accumulated on the edge of your fences and gardens. Leaf litter is also in your roof gutters- get up on the ladder and brush & flush your gutters clean

Mow the Lawn - Mow the lawn close to the ground, and get the whipper-snipper onto all the weeds at your edges. High grass keeps in the moisture providing breeding sites.

Remove all containers that might retain water Here's a checklist: Empty drink tins, tyres, buckets, bowls and anything that traps water. Empty bird baths, kids play pools, and petsí drinking bowls regularly. Remove or check tarpaulins, covers, and black plastic used to control weeds. Make sure boats, dingies, canoes and wheel barrows are turned over so they don't catch water.

Pot Plants: Don't overfill pot plants, put sand in the overflow trays so it doesn't leave a breeding pool.

Leaking water: Fix outdoor leaking taps and hoses. Make sure your air-conditioner's water run-off does not collect in a pool.

Pools & Vents: Ornamental pools can be aerated or stocked with mosquito-eating fish. Put mozzie gauze around all the openings on your water catchment tank. Put mozzie gauze over the openings of drains, sumps, septic tanks, and vents.

Wet areas: If areas of your backyard remain wet or sodden after rain, then dig them up and put in sand and an ag-pipe drain. Mosquitos can breed in even temporary damp areas

Now get your neighbours to do all of the above too!


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