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Covering yourself in mosquito repellant won't reduce the mozzie problem in your backyard
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There are 4 ways to eliminate mosquitos from your life

* Cover your yard and surrounding area in pesticides
* Remove the breeding sites
* Cover yourself in pesticides or repellant
* Use homemade mosquito traps

* Stop mozzies breeding altogether

We are going to skip the first one because we are opposed to the use of dangerous chemicals, click to read about the second one. The thrid one is covered in this article. You can stop them breeding altogether by removing the male mosquito - you'll need our Bugeater to do that!

When I was a kid they still sprayed DDT around the house in a handheld pump-squirter!
Fortunately we are a lot more suspicious of the chemicals we spray nowadays, especially those we put directly on our children. Most mosquito repellants contain DEET which, whilst effective, is the subject of some doubt about its safety.

find out moreDEET is it safe? ( N,N-Diethyl-m-toluamide also known as N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide)
Many of the personal mozzie repellants still contain DEET which is regarded by some as unsafe for children: This article ( concluded "Avoidance of high-concentration DEET formulations in pediatric patients should be considered"
Another article concluded (
"Adults, as well as children, are at risk for toxicity from insect repellents. The use of highly concentrated DEET-containing insect repellents should be avoided to reduce the risk of toxicity in both children and adults. The consequences of DEET toxicity are variable and unpredictable"

Pyrethroids aren't safe!
This article confirms that household bug sprays may be worser than the bugs! Read about Permethrin at the Maryland Pesticide Network (

Our all-natural Roll On contains both proven natural oils that repel insects and oils that sooth and moisturise skin. Our roll-on contains
neem oil - obtained from the neem tree- an ancient Indian insect repellant and skin restorative
citronella oil - is obtained from the leaves and stems of lemon grass plants (Cymbopogon) The US Environmental Protection Agency considers it as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action (
eucalyptus oil, well known as an insect repellent and biopesticide. Eucalyptus oil has been used as an effective way of killing dust mites according to the Asthma Foundation of Victoria
alo vera - soothes bites
lavender oil - flies and mosquitoes dislike its fragrance - a well known insect repellent
melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil). Anti bacterial, anti inflamatory- reduces itch, anecdotal evidence that bugs are repelled by it

More Natural Methods to control Mosquitoes:

Planting lemongrass and lavender around your backyard should also help.

Mosquito eating fish. There are fish that feed on mosquito larvae (Larvivorous Fish). You should have some of these in your fish pond to control mosquito breeding. Read more here

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Want a long term solution to your mozzie problems?:

Uses a specific frequency black UV light
This Bugeater really does work!     Read our testimonials

Insects are lured to the bugeater by a 8 watt ultra-violet black light, with a special wavelength formulated to attract biting insects. As the insects approach, they are blown into the water below, by the fan. A couple of drops of liquid detergent is added to the tray of the mosquito trap, to break the surface tension of the water, the insect is unable to float on the water so it drowns.

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If you were looking for a mozzie zapper, then read the evidence on why a mosquito zapper is not only useless, but potentially dangerous as too!
  No zapping - the Bug eater kills by drowning


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