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DIY mosquito trap that's virtually free to run, and you've probably already got all you need to make it right now.
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There are 4 ways to eliminate mosquitos from your life

* Cover your yard and surrounding area in pesticides
* Use mosquito traps

* Remove mosquito breeding sites
* Cover yourself in pesticides or repellant
* Stop mozzies breeding altogether

Mozzie trap diagramThere is no link for the first one because we are opposed to the use of dangerous chemicals, the second one is covered in this article. You can stop them breeding altogether by removing the male mosquito - you'll need our Bugeater mosquito trap to do that!

The female is the biting mosquito, and since she is attracted to heat and light, you can build a mosquito trap just using an old incandescent light bulb. The new energy efficient "cold" lights are no use in this project.

If you've ever had a bare light bulb outside, you'll know that they attract all sorts of bugs. The bugs are drawn to land on the light, and heat of the light scorches them, and they fall.

After a while, most recover, and fly off (or have another go). The trick here is to let them land in a tray of water. By putting detergent in the tray you break the surface tension, and the bugs can't get away - they drown. You only need a few drops of household dishwashing detergent. A DIY mosquito trap that effectively costs you nothing but the cost of running the light globe!

WARNING: Do not mount the light over the water unless it is securely fixed. It must not be able to be knocked over, or blown, into the water tray. If the light can fall into the tray it creates a very dangerous electrocution hazard!

Have a look at the bugeater below. It uses a similar principle, but has years of engineering behind it to ensure maximum targeted mosquito kill. It works long term, because by attracting the male mozzie, it destroys the breeding population.

Want to buy a professional mozzie trap that works long term?:

Uses a specific frequency black UV light
This Bugeater really does work!     Read our testimonials

Insects are lured to the bugeater by a 8 watt ultra-violet black light, specially formulated to attract biting insects. As the insects approach the light, they are blown into the water tray below, by the fan. A couple of drops of liquid detergent is added to the tray of the mosquito trap, to break the surface tension of the water, the insect is unable to float on the water so it drowns

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Our base model now is 240 volt built-in
 38cm wide x 20cm high x 23cm deep


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If you were looking for a mozzie zapper, then read the evidence on why a mosquito zapper is not only useless, but potentially dangerous too!
  No zapping - the Bug eater kills by drowning



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